Goldshell Miner 

Crypto mining farms are typically hot, loud, and require a ton of power to run especially when you are working with ASICs. The Goldshell mini doge miner provides an alternative to mining that doesn’t include the heat, the noise, and the excessive need for power. This innovation by a reputable Chinese crypto-mining provides users with mini mining models that are small, quiet, and more ideal for entering the world of ASIC mining. These mini miners are more convenient in that they don’t require any kind of rig or a PC to run with, an internet connection should do the trick. 

About GoldShell Miner 

The goldshell mini doge miner is quite convenient for crypto mining, with a maximum hashrate of 185Mh/s and 233W power consumption. Its scrypt algorithm allows the miner to be able to mine two cryptocurrencies at a time; Litecoin and Dogecoin. That is good because you stand a chance of being paid in both coins. 


  • Manufacture – Goldshell
  • Model –  Mini-DOGE
  • Release – July 2021
  • Size – 150 x 175 x 84mm
  • Weight – 2000g
  • Noise level – 35db
  • Fan(s) – 2
  • Power – 233W
  • Interface – Ethernet
  • Temperature – 5 – 35 °C
  • Humidity – 5 – 85 %

Setting Up and Profits

Unfortunately, the miner doesn’t come with a manual or any other kind of documentation. But that isn’t much of a problem given that the Goldshell mini doge miner is quite easy to set up. There are also quite a few tutorial videos available on Youtube to help guide you through setting up your miner. 

As mentioned, the setup is quite easy, you simply have to connect the device to a network using an Ethernet cable and then proceed to power it up. Gold shell recommends that the PSU be a 600W 80+ Gold Standard. However, you could also use a gold shell custom PSU 4 box. Proceed to select a mining pool. There is an interesting and wide selection of mining pools such as the f2pool. Each pool has its specific fees and rewards. 

Once you have everything connected, check that you have the latest firmware on Goldshell’s GitHub page. If you have issues with your miners disconnecting every few days, consider installing the 2.1.1 firmware. After making all connections and completing the setup, you can check the status of your miner. Do so by simply entering its IP address into your browser and you would have a result. 

You can as well switch the language of your miner and unlock the miner. You can do this in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage where you can also track the revenue and functioning of your miner. 

Goldshell Mini DOGE Status Page

As the name implies, the status page allows you to check the status of your miner. You can also closely monitor your miner, from its hashrate to fan speed and temperature. 

Revenue and profitability Of The Goldshell Miner

If you are purchasing a miner, then it’s to make money. It would be understandable that you want to know how much the miner earns. Different pools have different fees and earn differently. Below is a review of the F2Pool, its dashboard, and revenues. 

  • F2Pool Dashboard

On the dashboard, placed slightly above the daily revenue Per G is the profitability indicator. It tells you how much LTC you can earn each day with a 1GH/s hashrate. To calculate profitability, the mining difficulty rate and the USD value of LTC are used. These calculations however do not include Dogecoin merged mining revenues. 

F2Pool LTC Revenues

LTC revenues range between 0.012 and 0.014 Litecoin per day, which would depend on the mining difficulty for that day. So average LTC revenue would be about 0.013LTC per day. 

F2Pool Dogecoin Revenue

For Dogecoin, the revenue differs from LTC. The F2Pool makes about 22 and 26 Dogecoin per day making an average of 24 doge each day. 

Combined average revenue from both the LTC and Dogecoin when converted to USD would be about $9.54 per day. Bear in mind that you would have to include your costs for electricity in your calculations before you can measure your profits. Your electric bills will vary depending on where you stay. That said, your average profit may be about $3 per day. Should you wait for coins to reach an all-time high before selling them, you then stand a chance to make about $7.8 combined in revenue.

Goldshell miners For Sale

The Goldshell miner is available for sale on the company’s website. You may want to purchase directly from there. However, note that the only way to purchase from the official website is using cryptocurrency. There are no other payment methods aside from crypto. If that would be problematic for you then consider buying from us. 

To purchase the Goldshell mini doge miner online, indicate your interest today. The device is limited in our stock. Showing your interest today will guarantee that you will have your device on time and with no backorders. We guarantee that we will have the Goldshell mini doge miner delivered to you in perfect condition and in record time. We offer deliveries worldwide with no delays no matter what part of the world you are in. grab the opportunity to have a device in your home or office environment and enjoy a hitch-free mining experience. 


The Goldshell Mini Doge miner was carefully thought-out by designers to bring the most convenient means of mining. The product meets the need for a small, portable, and effective miner. For a person who is new in the crypto mining world, this is a great way to walk your way into this sphere. It is a great miner for people living in urban areas where your neighbors are on top of each other and there is not much room. 

If you require a miner that would fit into your apartment or office and not interrupt your work or restful hours then this is the right choice for you. it remains a good option and the flexibility it offers as an urban miner cannot be touched.